Monday, December 7, 2009

Jackylegs, hard at it

November has been a hot month both on and off the bike. Abnormally hot spring weather has ensured early morning training rides are enjoyable. My dad swears by 5am starts because of our subtropical sunshine coast weather, I think he’s right if you’re a morning person.
A talented field of local mtb’rs lined up on Sunday 15th November for four hours of pleasure and pain in 30+ degree heat. As to be expected the track was very dusty with lots of uphill, downhill, technical sections and bridges to test individual riders. Local riders included Andy Fellows, Clint Pearce, Rob Paksec, Greg Long, Lestar Manning, Garth & Dave(team trail blazers) Rodger Pogson-Manning & I( team Cognition)

Andy Fellows had a great ride in the Elite division but was pipped at the post by Andy Mallet by a mere 10 Seconds after a furious battle for 4 hours.

Clint Pearce was riding his new titanium ‘Carver’ but unfortunately fell victim to 2 flats on the first lap, bad luck buddy.

Robbie (coopers) had a great win over Greg Long in another cat and mouse battle of the single speeders. These two can post amazing lap times that most multi geared men are envious of.

Lestar Manning was in great form and looking forward to finishing a race without any problems but a BIG GUY fell down a hill onto his wheel and turned it into a taco.

Garth & Dave also had mechanical problems in the form of a puncture but were able to complete the course in a P.B time.

Rodger (flathead) and I (jackylegs) were coming 7th until an unfortunate flat from flathead, but having had an extraordinary amount of flats in the past he changed it with great expedience and we finished a credible 9th in the open two man team (certainly the youngest combined team) we both clocked some very quick lap times, so we were personally delighted with our overall placing.

My next scheduled MTB race is on Jan 15, 2010 at Eagle Park, Adelaide where the Australian XCO Championships will be held. I’ll be competing in the under 15 year division in the Olympic cross country course and will race for approx 1 hour on what is reported as a world class venue ,I only hope it’s not excessively hot as it has already been this season. My training programme is on target and I feel I’m riding stronger than ever. I’m looking forward to the challenge of an Australian Assault.

Last Saturday night dad and I were fortunate enough to witness Harry and Matt Bush race BMX at Landsborough. What a great track for spectators and an action packed programme. Both Harry and Matt are regular Saturday morning Trailblazers, they’re the two who are air born most of the time, after seeing their BMX skills it all fits. These boys are both highly ranked and super competitive riders. I would highly recommend you attend a BMX event as it’s an adrenalin rush just being a spectator. School holidays are just a week away, so I am looking forward to getting out in the mornings for longer rides. If you see me out there make sure you say hi.

Till next time Love the Ride.

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