Sunday, August 29, 2010

Passion, Knowledge, fun and Specialized

Greg test riding a Specialized Tarmac, Melbourne Vic
Mel and myself have just returned from an exciting 5 day trip to Melbourne.
After spending 5 days at Specialized's new world class facility my head is spinning and I am excited!!!!!  
Mel went to the 2 day 2011 launch and I went to the launch and the core training session.

Specialized have just opened their Australian HQ in Melbourne including a school, called SBCU (Specicalized- Bicycle-Components-University). This facility is unique to Specialized and is one of the reasons that Specialized is the best bicycle company in the world.
The bicycle industry is ever changing, new technology, new ideas and new experiences drive it. In order to keep bicycle dealers informed Specialized developed SBCU.
I spent 3 days in an intensive training session. Specialized brought the best of their product mangers and SBCU professors over from the USA to help with the 2011 Product Launch and the 1st SBCU core class in the new Australian HQ facility.
The SBCU core class teaches everything from the differences in helmet construction to fibre lay-up, and of course the all important test rides. Riding the S-works Roubaix and S-works Stumpjumper was awesome and the all new Camber Elite, a super fun XC trail bike.
Specialized have gone all out, they have the most passionate, enthusiastic people, the best technology and provide the best service. They are helping us so that we can help you, our customers enjoy your ride. So come on in and share the passion that is uniquely Specialized.
Keep on Riding
Greg L

Mel and Greg L trip to Melbourne for the 2011 Specialized Launch

Our trip to Melbourne was fantastic!.
The Cupcake Bakery
We arrived a day before the launch, so we wandered through the streets of Melbourne, soaking up the atmosphere and culture. We found the Cupcake Bakery which had every kind of cupcake available. (yes, we brought samples home for our girls). We also noticed the council ran bike fleet where people can hire a bike for $2.50/day or $50/year. It's a great way to get around the streets of Melbourne especially if your a tourist and didn't bring your bike.

The Specialized Dealer launch was held at the newly completed HQ. The facility was warm and inviting and the staff were filled with passion for cycling and their products.Specialized is the No1 bike Company in the world for a reason, the passion starts at the top with founder,owner and president, Mike Sinyard which then filters down through to his staff. He employes the best in each field to produce the best products. To hear the product managers talk was inspiring to say the least, to be part of the Specialized family is amazing.
We the dealers got an in-depth presentation on all their bikes and what makes them different and better than the rest. My favorite presenter was Rachel, the women's products manager out from the US. She spoke about the entire women's range, a very extensive range from MTB, road, commuter/fitness to hybrid.
I'm excited, so drop into the shop for a chat, I love to hear from you and if you have any questions, answer them for you.
Yours in Cycling
The Era (women's XC Competitive)-ooh ahhhhhhhhhh

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Results are In... Dusk to Dawn August 2010

The results are now posted, click here to check them out. Have a look for Graham Shepard, Richard Poyner and Howard McCann, some of our senior trailblazers members. They are all in the 40+ Solo division, well done guys.
The other teams are; 3 person men (Powered By Ay-Up Lights), 4 Person men (Ay-Up Jnr Elite) and 4 junior/Mixed (Ay-Up JNR Ripper).
Fast Snap Shot:
Howard McCann 6th in 40+  with 18 laps
Richard Poyner 7th in 40+ solo with 14 laps
Graham Shepard 15th in 40+ with 5 laps
Powered by Ay-Up Lights (Andy, Greg and Chris) 1st in their division, 1st overall with 29 laps
Ay-Up Jnr Elite (Jack, Rodger, Declan and Nathan) 3rd in their division, 5th overall with 27 Laps (5:43 behind second and just 23mins behind 1st)
Ay-Up JNR Ripper (Seb, Ethan, Zac and Jesse) 1st in their division, 8th overall with 24 laps. 

  Fantastic results by everyone, it was great to see so many take up the challenge.

Monday, August 9, 2010

It was cold, very very the Dusk to Dawn 12 hour

At the end of a hard night
It was cold and racing for 12 hours is really hard but everyone had lots fun. It was great to see Seb and  Jack coming in with the fast guys in the opening lap. This set the stage for the rest of the race and encouraged their team mates  to keep up the pace.This race was the most challenging event that all the juniors have done to date, it was an amazing effort, and we at Cognition are proud of them. For example, around 1am,  Jack found himself finishing a lap with all his team mates asleep so headed out for 2 more.
The early hours of the morning were quite challenging when fatigue set in, it was the time when the support crew of parents were at their best, themselves fighting fatigue, as it had been a few years since they had done an all nighter.
Congratulations Seb, Ethan, Zac and Jesse, first place 4 person mixed team. While the elite Juniors finished an awesome third place in the hotly contested 4 man team; Declan, Rodger, Jack and Nathan- congratulations guys!

1st Place- 4 person mixed/junior
3rd Place 4 person team

Andy, Chris and Greg - 1st in 3 man team and 1st overall
Declan, Rodger, Jack and Nathan - 3rd in 4 person team
Seb, Ethan, Zac and Jesse - 1st in 4 person mixed/junior teams
More results will be posted once they are available.
 Fantastic effort everyone, if anyone has some more photos of the night, drop in or email them to the shop we would love to see them.

Friday, August 6, 2010

The Dusk to Dawn, 12hour, 7th & 8th August

Here's to another great weekend of racing with Dusk to Dawn 12 hour at Canungra, 30 minutes inland from the Gold Coast. What a fantastic MTB event with a twist, ride from dusk to dawn for 12 hours on a 8 km loop consisting of single track, switchbacks, fire roads and flowing down hills. The main sponsor of this event is Ay-Up Lights, lighting up the way.

Cognition and one of our sponsored riders, Andy Fellows (Ay-Up lights) have joined forces and put together some awesome teams to compete on the weekend.
The teams include:
 3 Person team- Powered by Ay-up
 Andy Fellows, Chris Fitzgerald and Greg Long
4 Person team - Ay-Up Junior Elite
 Jack Jude, Roger Pogson-Manning, Declan Wharton and Nathan King
4 Junior - Ay-Up Junior Rippers
Seb Vejby, Jesse Hill, Ethan Kelly and Zack Aguis

Jack Jude and Andy Fellows in training
The team at Cognition are excited and proud to see some of our young, impressive and promising riders of the Sunshine Coast taking part in a gruelling yet fun event.
Good luck to everyone and may the cycling gods be looking down on you.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Greg Pott's Trip to the States

Greg's ready for one great DH experience
Greg on the Tarmac SL3
Greg Pott had a great time learning all about the fantastic bikes and products that Specialized offers, and to do this in an awesome place was a dream come true. He got to play in the mountains and use the ski lifts to do some wicked downhill. He got to try out the downhill bike, Demo 8 II (2011 model) and his comments were " an amazing ride, the faster you go the smoother the ride got".

Next the day, he changed his gear and got on the road. He tried both the Tarmac SL3 2011 and the Roubaix SL3 2011, both "the best road bikes he had ever ridden"
Greg on the way to the town, Montezuma.
The Tarmac SL3 is an competitive road bike which is extremely light and stiff while the endurance road bike, Roubaix SL3 makes a long ride comfortable and FAST.
If you are interested  to find out more about Greg's trip or what he learnt about Specialized, drop into the shop and have a chat and while you are there check out the early releases of the 2011 Specialized range.