Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Cognition's Holiday Hours

      Wednesday 29th Dec            9.00 - 5.00pm
       Thursday 30th Dec               9.00 - 5.00pm
            Friday 31st Dec               9.00 - 3.00pm 
        Saturday 1st Jan                   Closed      

"We wish you a Happy and safe New Year"
The Cognition Team

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

This Weekend, our Pre Christmas Sale will be HUGE!!!!

Great savings this Christmas on Bikes, tyres, shimano and time shoes, clothing, helmets and parts
Plus a sausage Sizzle and Raffle for the Local MTB club, Noosa Trailblazers

Come and See our huge range of BMX bikes now in store

We are now stocking a great range of BMX bikes with brands such as Subrosa, We the People, Mirraco, Mongoose and Redline. Whether you are after dirt or street, racing or for your 5 year old to bash about on, there is something for everyone. If you live on the Sunshine Coast and your in need of a BMX come and check out the No 1 shop on the coast for knowledge and passion.

Here are just a few on offer....
Subrosa Salvador

                                                                                         Redline Roam

Mirraco Velle


                                                                                                             Redline  Raid 16

Monday, November 29, 2010

Noosa Trail Blazers; A Long Ride

This Sunday gone the Noosa Trail Blazers Mtb club headed out to explore the Sunshine coast Hinter Land on a long ride. It was good to see a roll up of 18 at Woori and to hear that some had already been out since 5:30 getting in just a few extra kilometres.
Richard P. was our leader today and with his knowledge of the Noosa trail network second to none we all knew we were in for a treat! It was great to see that  John and Sue had parked the road bikes and were keen for an MTB ride. We also had Martin and his partner from Germany looking very Euro and very Pro! His enthusiasm for hills and our trails made us all realize how lucky we are to be living on the Sunshine Coast.
Martin's attack on the 'Mother' was great to see and while he did not clear it he impressed us with his bike handling skills on the climb!
All up we had 8 riders depart at Pomona and 10 continue on to Kin Kin.
Jack did a massive Day on the MTB after a Massive day on the road bike the day before!
Ethan was stoked to find a new and harder way to Kin Kin, look out Zack!
I got to have a soak in the Pomona pool to ease my sore muscles and to help my recovery.
The next scheduled Long Club Ride is for 12th December again meeting at Woori day use area.

See You Then!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

First Round of the National MTB Series, You Yangs Victoria

This weekend Andy, Jack and Rodger headed down to the You-Yangs just outside of Melbourne for the 1st round of the National series for 2010-2011.

With a track that Jack has described as "hard" all three Sunshine Coast riders performed well.
With Andy's goal for 2011 being Marathon races, he shook off a bad start to punch out 5 extremely consistent laps to find himself in 16th place among the top quality cross country field.
Rodger showed us that consistent laps can be beneficial, pulling off a top 10 finish, after being 15th on the first lap.

Jack Jude racing his first race in under 17's and a poor starting position made his last lap his fastest and finished 8th overall.

The podium for the elite male was Ben Henderson (1st) Aiden Lefmann (2nd) and Joshua Carlson (3rd) and for the Elite female it was Jenni King, Jodie Willett and reigning national champion Rowena Fry coming in third.

The 2nd round will be in Tasmania at Glenorchy MTB Park on December 10-12.

For full results and description of the race go to MTBA.

Well done Andy, Rodger and Jack, awesome effort!!

Dirtworks Classic Victorian MTB Race

Garth hooking a corner

On Sunday the 7th November, Garth Kellet, a Noosa Trailblazer and great customer raced in the Dirtworks Classic. Here is his account:
I entered the 59km masters event and took the line with 99 other riders. The race was run in the Wombat State Forest which is the home trails of the Wombat MTB club.
WOW what awesome trails. Lots of flowing single track that ducked and weaved through tall stands of forest that wanted to catch your handle bars at the slightest loss of concentration.
Lots of log rollovers (some being up to 4 feet high) and some of the longest gully crossing's over log bridges I have ever ridden. The drop off these were up to 20 feet high and really tested your nerve.....
The 50km course ended up being 57km and  I finished 11th with a time of 3hr 9 mins. I finished exhausted with a very big grin on my face as the event organisers handed me a cold beer as I crossed the line.

Spare a thought for the 110km racers, the last 30 or so riders rode home in a massive hailstorm and were pelted with golf ball sized hail!. They all look liked they had been in a paint ball fight without any protective equipment.
Check out the hail stones!

Great result Garth, you did us proud!!!!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Matrix 6hr Challenge at Canungra

Winners are grinners
The offical results are not up yet, but we have word of some great results. Jack Jude, Ethan Kelly and Zac Agius came first in their division (jnr 3 person) but their times would of seen them take out second in open men and 8th overall. Their lap times were fast and consistent illustrating that their riding is paying off. Congratulations guys!!!
The winners

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Noosa Tri- What a great weekend

The Noosa Tri is over for another year... what a great way to enjoy an active life, whether you were a competitor or spectator there was something for everyone.
Cognition's Workshop at the Expo

Cognition would like to thank all the supporters and customers who came to lend a hand and have some fun, to experience the Noosa Tri first hand. Thank you to our skilled and energetic mechanics who on Saturday got all the bikes into transition in time and to our sales staff who always had a smile on their face and were eager to help, thank you.
Mel, a friendly sale person
Andy Fellows, local elite rider lending a hand

Chris and Lester at the Kid's tri
 Congrats to our staff at the Superkids Tri on Saturday morning at Noosaville, you kept all the kids riding and having a great time. It was wonderful to see such a great turnout with children ranging from 7 years to 13 years old. Our eldest daughter, Tara entered her first triathlon and had a great time with her younger sister, Keely, super keen to do it next year!  Well done to all the families that took part in this fantastic event.
Tara finishing her race

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Tri is coming and Specialized is here

It's only days away from one of the busiest weekend in Noosa with the Noosa Triathlon Multi Sport Festival about to start. Here's a chance to try your hand at swimming, running or cycling or all three or if you would like to save your energy, go and watch some amazing athletes battle it out.
Specialized has arrived with their demo truck  "test the best" and they are keen to show everyone how awesome their bikes really are, with an opportunity to ride them in your home town, what are you waiting for?
Test the Best Van filled with goodies

Thommo building a Transition, a time trial bike

Check out the time and place below where Specialized and Cognition will be:
Wednesday 27th Oct 7.00am-3.00pm - Laguna Park, Noosa Parade, Noosa
Thursday 28th Oct 7.00am-5.00pm - Laguna Park, Noosa Parade, Noosa
Friday 29th, Saturday 30th and Sunday 31st - Noosa Expo &  Festival Village, Noosa Woods 

Below are the links to some great Specialized pages, have look and make a comment.
Facebook Specialized Australia or Facebook Test the best  (have a look at the great backdrop behind the s-works on this page.
Hope to see you at the Expo or Laguna Park.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Specialized Test the Best, in Noosa for the Tri

Specialized Test the Best demo and Cognition will be at Noosa with a large fleet of Specialized models to ride including bikes from their women's range. Specialized is committed to making riders enjoy every mile more through design, technology and innovation.

       At Cognition our goal is to create the ultimate riding experiences for all our customers. We have the skills and knowledge to get your bike running smoother and faster. If you need mechanical support or want to strip minutes off your ride time, visit Cognition.
When and Where:
Wednesday 27th October and Thursday 28th October at Laguna Park, Noosa Parade just across the bridge from the transition area.
Friday 29th, Saturday 30th and Sunday 31st: Festival Village and the Expo tent.
Come and ride the best.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The QLD XC MTB State Championships, Sunday 17th October 2010

The State championships were held last weekend with some fantastic results from the local MTB club, Noosa Trailblazers. It was one of the most demanding courses of the year and was fitting that the state championships were held there. This was at Mt Crosby, west of Brisbane, its one hilly course.There was 107 riders racing for a state Championship, the Noosa Trailblazers gave it their all .  The results are as follows:
Under 11's Male
Nick Dodds      3rd
Josh Dodds       4th
Under 15's Male
Nathan King      2nd
Blair Galloway- a big crash saw Blair DNF the race (no worries Blair)
Under 17's Male
Ethan Kelly         7th - great consistent laps!
Seb Vejby           9th
Zack Agius         10th
Sport Male
John King           3rd

Well done and congratulations to everyone for traveling the distance and having a go!
Below are some pictures from the day, taken by Kemore Cycling Club, I could not find all our riders however more photos are to come
Seb Vejby, under 17's
Ethan Kelly, under 17's

Zack Agius, under 17's

Josh Dodds, under 11's

Ethan Kelly

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

National Junior Mountain Bike Development Camp

Congratulations to Jack Jude, Rodger Pogson-Manning and Declan Wharton, Noosa Trailblazers juniors for gaining places in the National Junior Bike Development Camp. This camp is aimed at preparing our MTB atheletes both male and female for the world championships and professional careers in the sport of mountain biking by introducing a long term approach to the development of Australian junior MTB athletes.
The training camp will be held this weekend at the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra, the coaches include National Sporting director Chris Clarke and National XC coach, Tim Ellsion.
Have fun boys and train hard!
At the airport!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Solo 24 Hour Worlds- Greg and Mark's Trip

I've always had a passion for seeing people do something that they are really good at, whether it is a sporting activity, an art or a career, the end result is marvellous.

As many of  you know Andy Fellows is a local rider and he is really good at mountain biking, his chosen discipline is endurance racing.

Andy's Machine at Transition
This past weekend Mark Whitney and I had the opportunity to see him at his best and we were not disappointed. The 2010 Solo 24 Hour World Championships were held in Canberra at Mount Stromlo. One of Australia's premier MTB destinations. CORC, Canberra Offroad Cyclists, organised a fantastic event which drew in 1000's of people. It was an overwhelming sight to see when all these people are set up for a weekend of racing action.

Andy had raced and placed third at last year's event and was motivated and well prepared to better that placing this year. With bikes ready, nutrition and pit crew organised the race was on! Mark and I were lucky enough to have pit passes to give assistance to former Solo 24 hour age winner and Sunshine coast resident Jeff Toohey. This put us right in the action in pitt lane with all of the worlds best and the action was HOT!. Racing started from the word go and did not let up for 24 hours. When I first stopped and looked at the clock, it had been only 4.5 hours, I was wondering how they could possibly continue for another 20.
The pace was fast, the level of competition high and the Stromlo track dusty and hard!

We were impressed with the riders from Canada, the UK and Argentina. Worth noting were their pit crews, and their efficiency and knowledge of their riders and ability to convince them that  they could continue on, are qualities found in the best and was a pleasure to watch.

In the end the race winner was Jason English, our man Andy was pipped on the last lap for 2nd and came home with the 3rd place medal. Andy's performance was outstanding, I only saw him get off his bike to change to his second one, I never saw him sit down or complain. He raced hard and he raced well.

I look forward to the next time I can watch him test his limits.
Please stop into the shop or chat with Mark for more stories of the best in the world.

Keep riding and have fun

Greg L

Congratulations we have a winner....

The winner of our World Solo 24hr competition was Justin Thompson, a local rider who loves his Tomac and Scott Spark 10. He was the first correct entry to be pulled from the box.  Well done Justin, come on in and spend your prize.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Final Results are in ... Worlds Solo 24hr Championships

Elite winners Jessica Douglas and Jason English
Well the race is over and there are some very tired and sore bodies out there. I have heard from Greg, it was exciting and full on for all the riders. Here are the final results:

                   Mens Elite
1.Jason English  24 laps
2. Cory Wallace 23 laps (45min 18 sec behind 1st)
3. Andy Fellows 23 laps (2min 3sec behind 2nd)

Women's Elite
1.Jessica Douglas (Aus) 20 laps
2.Katrin Van Der Spiegel 20 laps (13:24.6 behind 1st)
3.Eszter Horanyi 20 laps (53.50.5 behind 2nd )

                                   Mens Single Speed
1.Brett Bellchambers 21 laps

                                                    World Age Group 40-44
4.Clint Pearce 19 laps, 2 laps behind first place who finished with 21 laps
Well done and congratulations to all the riders.
Fanastic effort and congrats Andy!!!!
For complete results go here. 

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Current results of the Worlds Solo Championships

The Worlds Camp, Mt Stromlo
 This is the Worlds Solo Championships stage... the weather at 11.45am (start time) Canberra time was overcast with high cloud, not bad if you are to be in the saddle for the 24 hours.
Andy started strong was keeping up with the big guns, coming in around 3rd or fourth behind some Canadian dude and Jason English.
Andy's quick change
6.30pm Saturday night, looking good
The quick change over at lap 4 had Andy Placed 3rd or 4th position. He was looking strong and feeling good.

Andy racing into the evening, 20 minutes off the pace.

Waiting for more updates... We will keep you guys updated.

Just in 9.35pm (10.35pm Canberra Time)
Andy Fellows 4th, 25 minutes off 1st
Clint Pearce 3rd in 40-44 (36th overall)
Sean Bekkers 17th (34rd overall)
Jeff Toohey 43rd (155 overall)
Ryan Fogg 58th in elite (after 6 laps)
12.20am (1.20am Canberra Time )Update
Andy Fellows 3rd, 3 minutes behind 2nd place and 47 minutes behind 1st (Jason English)
Come on Andy!!!!!

Recent Update 8.00am 4 hours to go.....
Jason English receiving medial attention, 4 hours to go- not to serious

Andy currently third, 8 minutes off second (Cory Wallace) and 1 hour behind 1st (Jason English)                                                                                                                                                                         
Andy with Fenner, chasing after 2nd
Still looking strong , 4 hours to go..
Come on Andy, keep pushing

Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Worlds 24hr Solo Championships, 2010, Stromlo Canberra

Its less than 2 weeks away...... the biggest MTB race this year in Australia. For the time since it started 12 years ago, the 24 hours of Adrenalin World Solo Championships has finally left the shores of North America and come to Australia. CORC (Canberra off-road cyclists) have been awarded the rights to host the event. It has come to the right place with an aussie taking out the title last year (Jason English) and third place (Andy Fellows-Yeh!) and 2006 winner Craig Gordon just to name a few Australians competing this year.
Andy can't wait, just check out his blog and give your support. Greg Long and local customer Mark Whitney are so excited they have got track side tickets, to give Andy some local cheer and support.
Kim and Greg P, our mechanics have been working hard this week to get both of Andy's bikes race ready and they are now some mean looking fighting machines.
Cognition has brought the Worlds a bit closer to Noosa by running our own competition. Who will be the next World 24 hour solo champion? Come in and have a chat  while you fill out an entry form for your chance to win an $100 gift certificate at Cognition.Our money is on ANDY!

Boonah Marathon Results

The Sunshine Coast locals got awesome results on the weekend at the Boonah Marathon. They travelled to Boonah, south west of Brisbane to race in the 50km Lite course which included a mix of MTB bike trails, dirt roads and bitumen. It started at Boonah showgrounds and finished at the Wyaralong trails.
Local rider Dan O'Rouke came 2nd overall and first in his division (1:49:05) by only 5 seconds due to a last minute wrong turn. Jack Jude, riding for Cognition and Ay-Up lights came 2nd in his division (1:53:12) by 4mins and 12 seconds and came an awesome 4th overall. Jack is only 14 and was completing in the 18-29 division, this was an amazing feat.
David Whisker and Jack Jude
Our other riders were good friends Garth Kellett (2:03:00) and David Whisker (2:06:01) placing 6th and 10th respectively in the 40-49 division. Great results guys those training rides in the Noosa trails really paid off.

Jack on the podium -Well done Jack

Friday, September 24, 2010

Excellent result for the Sunshine Coast

(L-R) Connor, Daniel, Jack and Sam
The Sunshine coast time trial U15 team won 1st place at the State Championships last Sunday at Tent Hill Gatton. The boys previously did individual time trials and the fastest four secured a spot in the team. Jack Jude, Cognition's rider posted his best time and was second fastest on the day to gain his position in the team. In practice the team was averaging 45km per hour over a 10km distance, on a smooth road. However on the day at Tent Hill the course was very rough thus their average became 39.8km per hour this was enough to secure 1st place by 1 min 18 sec. When asked about the race, Jack's reply was "We had a great day and enjoyed riding together as a team"

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Melbourne welcomes the 77th UCI Road World Championships

What a great opportunity for Australia to experience an awesome event such as this!
The World Championships will lure many of the best international riders to Australia as this event holds a great deal of importance and prestige, second only to the Tour of  France.
The event will be held over 5 days of competition from 29th September to 3rd October and the competitors will include Elite Men and women and Under 23 Men's. Previous winners include: Lance Armstrong, Eddie Merckx, Greg Lemond Mario Cipollini and Australian Michael Rogers and Cadel Evans, current World champion.
This year there is a large field of Aussie riders trying to win on home soil, such as Cadel Evans, Michael Rogers and Simon Gerrans. Cadel has announced he is shaping up perfectly for the World Championships.

 It's going to be an exciting time in Melbourne, there will be a buzz in the air.
For all the information on this great event, click here

Go Aussies, ride hard and ride fast!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What a Great Ride!

I decided to go for a ride this morning so after the girls and I rode to school, I kept on riding. I ended up in Cudgerie Estate, on Trail 6 in the Noosa Trail Network after a ride through Black Mountain. It was really beautiful in there, the single track was twisty and rooty which helped with  practicing my tight cornering skills at speed. The air was fresh and clean from the rain and the birds were lovin' it. As I was taking in the forest, I wanted to share this with everyone, so I took some photos and as the old saying goes " a picture is worth a thousand words".
So if  you are looking at this and would like to check it out, come in to the shop and grab a Noosa Trail Network map and have a chat. We would love to see you.
Yours in Cycling
Mel Long

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Passion, Knowledge, fun and Specialized

Greg test riding a Specialized Tarmac, Melbourne Vic
Mel and myself have just returned from an exciting 5 day trip to Melbourne.
After spending 5 days at Specialized's new world class facility my head is spinning and I am excited!!!!!  
Mel went to the 2 day 2011 launch and I went to the launch and the core training session.

Specialized have just opened their Australian HQ in Melbourne including a school, called SBCU (Specicalized- Bicycle-Components-University). This facility is unique to Specialized and is one of the reasons that Specialized is the best bicycle company in the world.
The bicycle industry is ever changing, new technology, new ideas and new experiences drive it. In order to keep bicycle dealers informed Specialized developed SBCU.
I spent 3 days in an intensive training session. Specialized brought the best of their product mangers and SBCU professors over from the USA to help with the 2011 Product Launch and the 1st SBCU core class in the new Australian HQ facility.
The SBCU core class teaches everything from the differences in helmet construction to fibre lay-up, and of course the all important test rides. Riding the S-works Roubaix and S-works Stumpjumper was awesome and the all new Camber Elite, a super fun XC trail bike.
Specialized have gone all out, they have the most passionate, enthusiastic people, the best technology and provide the best service. They are helping us so that we can help you, our customers enjoy your ride. So come on in and share the passion that is uniquely Specialized.
Keep on Riding
Greg L

Mel and Greg L trip to Melbourne for the 2011 Specialized Launch

Our trip to Melbourne was fantastic!.
The Cupcake Bakery
We arrived a day before the launch, so we wandered through the streets of Melbourne, soaking up the atmosphere and culture. We found the Cupcake Bakery which had every kind of cupcake available. (yes, we brought samples home for our girls). We also noticed the council ran bike fleet where people can hire a bike for $2.50/day or $50/year. It's a great way to get around the streets of Melbourne especially if your a tourist and didn't bring your bike.

The Specialized Dealer launch was held at the newly completed HQ. The facility was warm and inviting and the staff were filled with passion for cycling and their products.Specialized is the No1 bike Company in the world for a reason, the passion starts at the top with founder,owner and president, Mike Sinyard which then filters down through to his staff. He employes the best in each field to produce the best products. To hear the product managers talk was inspiring to say the least, to be part of the Specialized family is amazing.
We the dealers got an in-depth presentation on all their bikes and what makes them different and better than the rest. My favorite presenter was Rachel, the women's products manager out from the US. She spoke about the entire women's range, a very extensive range from MTB, road, commuter/fitness to hybrid.
I'm excited, so drop into the shop for a chat, I love to hear from you and if you have any questions, answer them for you.
Yours in Cycling
The Era (women's XC Competitive)-ooh ahhhhhhhhhh