Monday, November 29, 2010

Noosa Trail Blazers; A Long Ride

This Sunday gone the Noosa Trail Blazers Mtb club headed out to explore the Sunshine coast Hinter Land on a long ride. It was good to see a roll up of 18 at Woori and to hear that some had already been out since 5:30 getting in just a few extra kilometres.
Richard P. was our leader today and with his knowledge of the Noosa trail network second to none we all knew we were in for a treat! It was great to see that  John and Sue had parked the road bikes and were keen for an MTB ride. We also had Martin and his partner from Germany looking very Euro and very Pro! His enthusiasm for hills and our trails made us all realize how lucky we are to be living on the Sunshine Coast.
Martin's attack on the 'Mother' was great to see and while he did not clear it he impressed us with his bike handling skills on the climb!
All up we had 8 riders depart at Pomona and 10 continue on to Kin Kin.
Jack did a massive Day on the MTB after a Massive day on the road bike the day before!
Ethan was stoked to find a new and harder way to Kin Kin, look out Zack!
I got to have a soak in the Pomona pool to ease my sore muscles and to help my recovery.
The next scheduled Long Club Ride is for 12th December again meeting at Woori day use area.

See You Then!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

First Round of the National MTB Series, You Yangs Victoria

This weekend Andy, Jack and Rodger headed down to the You-Yangs just outside of Melbourne for the 1st round of the National series for 2010-2011.

With a track that Jack has described as "hard" all three Sunshine Coast riders performed well.
With Andy's goal for 2011 being Marathon races, he shook off a bad start to punch out 5 extremely consistent laps to find himself in 16th place among the top quality cross country field.
Rodger showed us that consistent laps can be beneficial, pulling off a top 10 finish, after being 15th on the first lap.

Jack Jude racing his first race in under 17's and a poor starting position made his last lap his fastest and finished 8th overall.

The podium for the elite male was Ben Henderson (1st) Aiden Lefmann (2nd) and Joshua Carlson (3rd) and for the Elite female it was Jenni King, Jodie Willett and reigning national champion Rowena Fry coming in third.

The 2nd round will be in Tasmania at Glenorchy MTB Park on December 10-12.

For full results and description of the race go to MTBA.

Well done Andy, Rodger and Jack, awesome effort!!

Dirtworks Classic Victorian MTB Race

Garth hooking a corner

On Sunday the 7th November, Garth Kellet, a Noosa Trailblazer and great customer raced in the Dirtworks Classic. Here is his account:
I entered the 59km masters event and took the line with 99 other riders. The race was run in the Wombat State Forest which is the home trails of the Wombat MTB club.
WOW what awesome trails. Lots of flowing single track that ducked and weaved through tall stands of forest that wanted to catch your handle bars at the slightest loss of concentration.
Lots of log rollovers (some being up to 4 feet high) and some of the longest gully crossing's over log bridges I have ever ridden. The drop off these were up to 20 feet high and really tested your nerve.....
The 50km course ended up being 57km and  I finished 11th with a time of 3hr 9 mins. I finished exhausted with a very big grin on my face as the event organisers handed me a cold beer as I crossed the line.

Spare a thought for the 110km racers, the last 30 or so riders rode home in a massive hailstorm and were pelted with golf ball sized hail!. They all look liked they had been in a paint ball fight without any protective equipment.
Check out the hail stones!

Great result Garth, you did us proud!!!!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Matrix 6hr Challenge at Canungra

Winners are grinners
The offical results are not up yet, but we have word of some great results. Jack Jude, Ethan Kelly and Zac Agius came first in their division (jnr 3 person) but their times would of seen them take out second in open men and 8th overall. Their lap times were fast and consistent illustrating that their riding is paying off. Congratulations guys!!!
The winners

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Noosa Tri- What a great weekend

The Noosa Tri is over for another year... what a great way to enjoy an active life, whether you were a competitor or spectator there was something for everyone.
Cognition's Workshop at the Expo

Cognition would like to thank all the supporters and customers who came to lend a hand and have some fun, to experience the Noosa Tri first hand. Thank you to our skilled and energetic mechanics who on Saturday got all the bikes into transition in time and to our sales staff who always had a smile on their face and were eager to help, thank you.
Mel, a friendly sale person
Andy Fellows, local elite rider lending a hand

Chris and Lester at the Kid's tri
 Congrats to our staff at the Superkids Tri on Saturday morning at Noosaville, you kept all the kids riding and having a great time. It was wonderful to see such a great turnout with children ranging from 7 years to 13 years old. Our eldest daughter, Tara entered her first triathlon and had a great time with her younger sister, Keely, super keen to do it next year!  Well done to all the families that took part in this fantastic event.
Tara finishing her race