Sunday, April 18, 2010

Mud, Mud and more Mud!

We love seeing a mud covered face with a big white toothy grin....and we saw heaps of them on Saturday at the Noosa 000 12hour MTB challenge. What a day! You would be hard pressed to recognize your own brother or sister, everyone was mud from head to toe.

I heard one rider singing 'hey hey we're the monkeys' as he was leaving transition.

The race was on. With the week before giving us lots of rain the course was sure to be muddy. The first lap saw the closure of the 300m of single track and thus taking out the slippery climb after. Around midday, the race organisers shortened the lap by four kilometres putting everyone into the driest part of the course. The day brought more rain and more mud and more fun. At the Cognition tent, we were kept on our toes with a constant stream of shifting issues and Worn out brake pads, its no secret that mud is bad for your bike! By mid afternoon the organisers decided to call time at 5pm, giving everyone the chance to clean up in the light of day.

The 000 12 hour is a fantastic event supporting an equally fantastic cause. It was great to see so many out on the day supporting the Royal Children's Hospital Foundation. Such an event does not happen without the help of volunteers. We would like to thank those who took the time to help. The SES for being out in the weather all day as Marshals, the Noosa trailblazers for helping with registration, timing and the setup and take down of the Cognition tent(we could not have done it without you) the PnC of the Pomona and Federal state schools for the canteen and the likes of Mark Whitney who I saw standing in line for the hose to clean the bikes of his mates who were racing...things like this went on all day.

We had lots of fun and will definitely be back next year.....
stay tuned for pictures of the fun filled, muddy day!!!

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