Saturday, June 5, 2010

Mt Perry Gold Rush 6 hour- June Long Weekend

Well, its only a week away now..... six hours of pain, sweat and lots and lots of fun.  Greg and Mel Long from Cognition are taking the girls and heading north for the weekend. Greg is going solo and Mel is taking it a little easier in a 3 person team with Cam and Paula (some Trailblazers buddies). Tara and Keely are keen to take their bikes though just going on a camping trip is pretty exciting!!. Word on the street or should I say the track is ... there is plenty of local Sunshine coast riders heading north for some great fun, lots of Noosa Trailblazers as well as other Cognition's customers. It will be a busy time in the shop this week with everyone gearing up for the race. The word is ... the competition between mates and fellow trailblazers is high... but really it's all about having a great time with your friends.

So the township of  Mt Perry is located 100kms west of Bundaberg and Wolca Reserve (the actual venue of the race) is 6 kms north of Mt Perry. There is an area for camping which includes hot showers (ohh ahhh), flushing toilets (nice!), wood BBQs and most importantly, drinking water. There is also tank water for washing your faithful companion (ah that's your bike!!) so don't forget a bucket.
The weekend will be full of challenges. First the race itself, just check out the race profile, then the campers will be subject to early sunsets (due to the reserve being located in a valley), early frost and minimum temperatures ranging from 0 to 5 degrees. So if the race doesn't make to you tough the temperatures will!!!!!! The course is 11kms long with 245metres of ascent.... oh my gosh..... Last year the record for the faster lap was 27 minutes and 58 seconds who's up to beat that, I will certainly congratulate anyone who can beat that!!!!!.
Well good luck to everyone who has entered, and for those for haven't there is always next year... entries have now closed and organisers are not accepting any late entries as the race has reached maximum capacity with 300 riders prepared to take on the challenge of Mt Perry. If you would like to check out more go to Grindin Gear - 6hr Mt Perry Gold Rush.
See you there,

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