Friday, September 24, 2010

Excellent result for the Sunshine Coast

(L-R) Connor, Daniel, Jack and Sam
The Sunshine coast time trial U15 team won 1st place at the State Championships last Sunday at Tent Hill Gatton. The boys previously did individual time trials and the fastest four secured a spot in the team. Jack Jude, Cognition's rider posted his best time and was second fastest on the day to gain his position in the team. In practice the team was averaging 45km per hour over a 10km distance, on a smooth road. However on the day at Tent Hill the course was very rough thus their average became 39.8km per hour this was enough to secure 1st place by 1 min 18 sec. When asked about the race, Jack's reply was "We had a great day and enjoyed riding together as a team"

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