Sunday, November 21, 2010

Dirtworks Classic Victorian MTB Race

Garth hooking a corner

On Sunday the 7th November, Garth Kellet, a Noosa Trailblazer and great customer raced in the Dirtworks Classic. Here is his account:
I entered the 59km masters event and took the line with 99 other riders. The race was run in the Wombat State Forest which is the home trails of the Wombat MTB club.
WOW what awesome trails. Lots of flowing single track that ducked and weaved through tall stands of forest that wanted to catch your handle bars at the slightest loss of concentration.
Lots of log rollovers (some being up to 4 feet high) and some of the longest gully crossing's over log bridges I have ever ridden. The drop off these were up to 20 feet high and really tested your nerve.....
The 50km course ended up being 57km and  I finished 11th with a time of 3hr 9 mins. I finished exhausted with a very big grin on my face as the event organisers handed me a cold beer as I crossed the line.

Spare a thought for the 110km racers, the last 30 or so riders rode home in a massive hailstorm and were pelted with golf ball sized hail!. They all look liked they had been in a paint ball fight without any protective equipment.
Check out the hail stones!

Great result Garth, you did us proud!!!!!

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