Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sunshine Series Round 2 XCE at Adare, Gatton

The Noosa Crew, photo courtesy of Tash Kelly

It was hot, very hot and dusty but the riders from the Sunshine Coast came and conquered. The Noosa crew rode hard and pushed through the heat and terrain to get some awesome results.
In the 2 person division, Jack Jude and Dean Madden (Team Specialized) came 2nd, Zack Agius and Sean Bekkers (Team Ay-Up Racing Elite) 3rd, Ethan Kelly and Garth Kellet (Team Ay-Up Racing) 4th and Greg Long and Dylan Teakle (Team Cognition) came in 6th.
The solo efforts of Jono Noble and Dave Whisker, "The Captain" were amazing with both completing 8 laps each, they were able to feed of each other and kept on going. 

A big thank you goes to the parents and family members who traveled the distance and handled the heat to help support the teams, it was greatly appreciated. 

Well Done crew.........

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