Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas just isn't for Kids

Here is story told to us by a happy customer.....

He came in to the store the another day to pick up his son's Christmas present, a new bike and told Greg that it needed to be boxed because they were travelling interstate for Christmas to see family. So as Greg was packing the bike he started to chat...

His son asked how Greg and Greg knew Santa and why the elves did not build the bikes. So dad started to explain, that a combination of layoffs with the global economy and the expertise needed to build bikes, Santa and the Gregs were working together. But as you know children have a craving to know more... and dad was starting to feel he was slipping into a hole which could be very difficult to get out. So dad tried to cut it off with, "I can't say to much about Greg "(Red Greg) and his son looked confused. 
"What do you mean dad?" Dad just repeated " I can't say to much" and gave him a look. 
The son replied incredulously " Dad, do you mean that Greg is an elf?"
The dad repeated again " I can't say to much, but maybe next time check out his ears"

So couple days later when they were in the shop, the boy stood and stared and stared at Greg's ears for a very long time. The dad had a chuckle to himself. Later the son said "Hey dad, I didn't see any pointed ears on Greg". "Well son, you can't be to obvious can you" replied dad.

At the end of the story, our customer said " I love surprising my kids at Christmas and keeping Santa alive". This customer like many others got joy and laughter from making his children happy and having the spirit of Christmas. 

We love to hear these stories and are glad to be apart of making Christmas wishes come true.

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