Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sign Up For Noosa Trailblazers MTB Club

Cognition proudly sponsors the new Mountain bike Club located in the northern end of the Sunshine Coast. This club evolved from the regular 7am morning ride from Cognition. It developed into a "father and son ride"where a core group of about 16 riders would turn up every Saturday, rain, hail or shine, even in the middle of winter. However its not limited to guys only, they now have a "father and daughter team" joining the ranks.
Vice President of the club, Richards Dodds, said in a recent article in the Noosa Journal, "previously there were no clubs or organisations for mountain bike riding on the northern end of the coast, and none on the coast that catered for families with kids. So the owner of Cognition, Greg Long (President), Lester Manning (secretary) and I pushed around the idea of starting a MTB club." They have now become affiliated with the national governing body, Mountain Bike Australia, and thus the Noosa Trailblazers Mountain Bike Club was born.
The club is family-friendly, as the parents want to spend time with their kids doing something they all love however at the same time they are keen to see all riders join whether they have yet to start a family or their kids have already left the nest. The club is primarily a social group with some enjoying racing and competing in events that can take them around the great southeast. Richard and the club is keen to support these riders as it may lead all the way to the olympics.
Sign On : Sunday, August 23rd, 8-10am, at the bottom car park on Gyndier Drive, Tewantin. There will be a sausage sizzle too. For those who cannot make it membership forms are available from Cognition.

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