Thursday, September 3, 2009

In Store Now.... The Tomac Carbide SL

Come and check out the light and sexy Tomac Carbide SL, this is the actual bike that was tested and reviewed in the September issue of Australian Mountain Bike Magazine. Supersports, the Australian distributors of Tomac asked the boys at Cognition to build it up for the review. Greg Pott, owner and workshop manager did a great job, with the bike getting one of the highest ever ratings of 9.1. This is another example of the quality of workmanship that comes out of Cognition's workshop and why they are known as the best mechanics on the Sunshine Coast.

The Carbide SL frame weighs only 2kgs with the DT swiss shock in the size Large frame so its light... very light. If you would like to check it out online, here's the link or better yet drop in and have a look.

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