Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Malvern Star Oppy's in Store Now

Above we have the Oppy C5 $2499 and the Oppy A4 (alloy frame)$1299

Malvern Star is an Australian icon which was created in 1902 by Tom Finnigan in Malvern, a leafy inner east suburb of Melbourne, Australia.
Malvern Star created it's own history when in 1928, Sir Hubert Opperman, the first ever Australian to ride the Tour de France rode upon a malvern star. He later went on to win the famous Paris-Brest-Paris race 1931,in doing so, "Oppy" set a new record time for the event.
Now the latest Malvern Star legend design has been refined in collaboration with Phil Anderson, one of the legends of Australian cycling (the first Australian to wear the yellow jersey at the Tour de France, and proud ambassador of Malvern Star). He has road tested the current legend through rigorous conditions and has provided a rider's input to analyse the bike and the overall performance.
The Oppy frame was developed around the principle of a "complete design". The frame is built one tube at a time to ensure quality and to allow each tube to be designed to optmise its purpose within the frame. It then comes together with a chemical bond and bound with layers of carbon. Strict quality control checks are done at every stage, including weighing and cross checks for frame alignment.
Come in to Cognition and check out a legend for yourself.

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