Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Andy's Race

The Otway Odyssey has been referred to as the hard 100ker going around, boasting some killer climbs. It starts in Apollo Bay on the great ocean road and finishes up at the mountain bike mecca of Forrest. For me I find the 100ker format very challenging, it’s kind of like making a marathon runner do a 5km run. My body seems to respond better to the longer 24hr type events. All the same I still do enjoy smashing myself in a marathon race!

The race started at 7am with over 1000 riders nestling for a good start. The first section of the race was up hill, around 1hr give or take, by the time we had reached the middle of the climb I was sitting around 20th place, riding my own race, trying to keep some fuel in the tank for later. The first feed station was at Forrest and 67km away, so 2 bidons on the bike and 1 rocket in the jersey made sure I made it to Forrest hydrated. From Forrest we headed out on a 20km single track loop, this was where I started to feel good, knowing that I would pay for it later I kicked it up a gear and started to hammer the trail. Picking up a few more places and notable names. Feed station 2 was at 87km and there we headed out on the Ay-Up Loop. This is where I started to fade, it was a long gradual dirt road climb, maybe 6 km long and in the direct midday sun. Not even my bidon of coke could pick me up, eventually making it to the top, we descended a super gnarly single track that followed an exposed ridgeline, popping back out on the dirt road and eventually the finish. 5:09, was the time and 14th was the place. Very happy.

Highlights were the steep, long, steep climbs. The sweet technical single track, the wide open fast descents and the cold beer at the finish line.

Next up, DT SWISS Mtns to Beach.


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