Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Results are In

Well from all accounts the race was hard and challenging and Andy did a fanastic job..... Andy placed 14th coming home in 5hr 9mins . The race itself was probably a little short for Andy as he likes anything that's 12- 24 hours, so coming in 25 minutes behind the winner was great achievement... Congratulations Andy!

The full results were:
1st Adrian Jackson, 4hrs 44mins, he had been seeded 8th and came 4th last year. Adrian is a seasoned XC and multi day racer.
2nd Lachlan Norris, 4hrs 46mins is a road specialist.
3rd Craig Gordon, 4hrs, 48mins is a former World 24hr champion and Noosa Enduro winner.

The women's results were:
1st Judith Arndt, 5hrs 49mins who is a road racer and Pursuit Olympic medalist.
2nd Katherine O'Shea, 5hrn 54mins, a national series race winner who is aiming for the Australian team for 2012 Olympics.
3rd Peta Mullens, 6hrs 1min.
and local Sunshine Coast rider Naomi Hansen coming home in 4th place with a time of 6hrs 3 minutes- Well done Naomi!
For all the juicy details and pictures go to www.rapidascent.com.au/OtwayOdyssey/

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