Saturday, October 9, 2010

Current results of the Worlds Solo Championships

The Worlds Camp, Mt Stromlo
 This is the Worlds Solo Championships stage... the weather at 11.45am (start time) Canberra time was overcast with high cloud, not bad if you are to be in the saddle for the 24 hours.
Andy started strong was keeping up with the big guns, coming in around 3rd or fourth behind some Canadian dude and Jason English.
Andy's quick change
6.30pm Saturday night, looking good
The quick change over at lap 4 had Andy Placed 3rd or 4th position. He was looking strong and feeling good.

Andy racing into the evening, 20 minutes off the pace.

Waiting for more updates... We will keep you guys updated.

Just in 9.35pm (10.35pm Canberra Time)
Andy Fellows 4th, 25 minutes off 1st
Clint Pearce 3rd in 40-44 (36th overall)
Sean Bekkers 17th (34rd overall)
Jeff Toohey 43rd (155 overall)
Ryan Fogg 58th in elite (after 6 laps)
12.20am (1.20am Canberra Time )Update
Andy Fellows 3rd, 3 minutes behind 2nd place and 47 minutes behind 1st (Jason English)
Come on Andy!!!!!

Recent Update 8.00am 4 hours to go.....
Jason English receiving medial attention, 4 hours to go- not to serious

Andy currently third, 8 minutes off second (Cory Wallace) and 1 hour behind 1st (Jason English)                                                                                                                                                                         
Andy with Fenner, chasing after 2nd
Still looking strong , 4 hours to go..
Come on Andy, keep pushing

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