Monday, October 11, 2010

Solo 24 Hour Worlds- Greg and Mark's Trip

I've always had a passion for seeing people do something that they are really good at, whether it is a sporting activity, an art or a career, the end result is marvellous.

As many of  you know Andy Fellows is a local rider and he is really good at mountain biking, his chosen discipline is endurance racing.

Andy's Machine at Transition
This past weekend Mark Whitney and I had the opportunity to see him at his best and we were not disappointed. The 2010 Solo 24 Hour World Championships were held in Canberra at Mount Stromlo. One of Australia's premier MTB destinations. CORC, Canberra Offroad Cyclists, organised a fantastic event which drew in 1000's of people. It was an overwhelming sight to see when all these people are set up for a weekend of racing action.

Andy had raced and placed third at last year's event and was motivated and well prepared to better that placing this year. With bikes ready, nutrition and pit crew organised the race was on! Mark and I were lucky enough to have pit passes to give assistance to former Solo 24 hour age winner and Sunshine coast resident Jeff Toohey. This put us right in the action in pitt lane with all of the worlds best and the action was HOT!. Racing started from the word go and did not let up for 24 hours. When I first stopped and looked at the clock, it had been only 4.5 hours, I was wondering how they could possibly continue for another 20.
The pace was fast, the level of competition high and the Stromlo track dusty and hard!

We were impressed with the riders from Canada, the UK and Argentina. Worth noting were their pit crews, and their efficiency and knowledge of their riders and ability to convince them that  they could continue on, are qualities found in the best and was a pleasure to watch.

In the end the race winner was Jason English, our man Andy was pipped on the last lap for 2nd and came home with the 3rd place medal. Andy's performance was outstanding, I only saw him get off his bike to change to his second one, I never saw him sit down or complain. He raced hard and he raced well.

I look forward to the next time I can watch him test his limits.
Please stop into the shop or chat with Mark for more stories of the best in the world.

Keep riding and have fun

Greg L

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