Sunday, August 29, 2010

Passion, Knowledge, fun and Specialized

Greg test riding a Specialized Tarmac, Melbourne Vic
Mel and myself have just returned from an exciting 5 day trip to Melbourne.
After spending 5 days at Specialized's new world class facility my head is spinning and I am excited!!!!!  
Mel went to the 2 day 2011 launch and I went to the launch and the core training session.

Specialized have just opened their Australian HQ in Melbourne including a school, called SBCU (Specicalized- Bicycle-Components-University). This facility is unique to Specialized and is one of the reasons that Specialized is the best bicycle company in the world.
The bicycle industry is ever changing, new technology, new ideas and new experiences drive it. In order to keep bicycle dealers informed Specialized developed SBCU.
I spent 3 days in an intensive training session. Specialized brought the best of their product mangers and SBCU professors over from the USA to help with the 2011 Product Launch and the 1st SBCU core class in the new Australian HQ facility.
The SBCU core class teaches everything from the differences in helmet construction to fibre lay-up, and of course the all important test rides. Riding the S-works Roubaix and S-works Stumpjumper was awesome and the all new Camber Elite, a super fun XC trail bike.
Specialized have gone all out, they have the most passionate, enthusiastic people, the best technology and provide the best service. They are helping us so that we can help you, our customers enjoy your ride. So come on in and share the passion that is uniquely Specialized.
Keep on Riding
Greg L

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