Thursday, August 12, 2010

Results are In... Dusk to Dawn August 2010

The results are now posted, click here to check them out. Have a look for Graham Shepard, Richard Poyner and Howard McCann, some of our senior trailblazers members. They are all in the 40+ Solo division, well done guys.
The other teams are; 3 person men (Powered By Ay-Up Lights), 4 Person men (Ay-Up Jnr Elite) and 4 junior/Mixed (Ay-Up JNR Ripper).
Fast Snap Shot:
Howard McCann 6th in 40+  with 18 laps
Richard Poyner 7th in 40+ solo with 14 laps
Graham Shepard 15th in 40+ with 5 laps
Powered by Ay-Up Lights (Andy, Greg and Chris) 1st in their division, 1st overall with 29 laps
Ay-Up Jnr Elite (Jack, Rodger, Declan and Nathan) 3rd in their division, 5th overall with 27 Laps (5:43 behind second and just 23mins behind 1st)
Ay-Up JNR Ripper (Seb, Ethan, Zac and Jesse) 1st in their division, 8th overall with 24 laps. 

  Fantastic results by everyone, it was great to see so many take up the challenge.

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