Monday, August 9, 2010

It was cold, very very the Dusk to Dawn 12 hour

At the end of a hard night
It was cold and racing for 12 hours is really hard but everyone had lots fun. It was great to see Seb and  Jack coming in with the fast guys in the opening lap. This set the stage for the rest of the race and encouraged their team mates  to keep up the pace.This race was the most challenging event that all the juniors have done to date, it was an amazing effort, and we at Cognition are proud of them. For example, around 1am,  Jack found himself finishing a lap with all his team mates asleep so headed out for 2 more.
The early hours of the morning were quite challenging when fatigue set in, it was the time when the support crew of parents were at their best, themselves fighting fatigue, as it had been a few years since they had done an all nighter.
Congratulations Seb, Ethan, Zac and Jesse, first place 4 person mixed team. While the elite Juniors finished an awesome third place in the hotly contested 4 man team; Declan, Rodger, Jack and Nathan- congratulations guys!

1st Place- 4 person mixed/junior
3rd Place 4 person team

Andy, Chris and Greg - 1st in 3 man team and 1st overall
Declan, Rodger, Jack and Nathan - 3rd in 4 person team
Seb, Ethan, Zac and Jesse - 1st in 4 person mixed/junior teams
More results will be posted once they are available.
 Fantastic effort everyone, if anyone has some more photos of the night, drop in or email them to the shop we would love to see them.

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