Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Greg Pott's Trip to the States

Greg's ready for one great DH experience
Greg on the Tarmac SL3
Greg Pott had a great time learning all about the fantastic bikes and products that Specialized offers, and to do this in an awesome place was a dream come true. He got to play in the mountains and use the ski lifts to do some wicked downhill. He got to try out the downhill bike, Demo 8 II (2011 model) and his comments were " an amazing ride, the faster you go the smoother the ride got".

Next the day, he changed his gear and got on the road. He tried both the Tarmac SL3 2011 and the Roubaix SL3 2011, both "the best road bikes he had ever ridden"
Greg on the way to the town, Montezuma.
The Tarmac SL3 is an competitive road bike which is extremely light and stiff while the endurance road bike, Roubaix SL3 makes a long ride comfortable and FAST.
If you are interested  to find out more about Greg's trip or what he learnt about Specialized, drop into the shop and have a chat and while you are there check out the early releases of the 2011 Specialized range.

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