Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mel and Greg L trip to Melbourne for the 2011 Specialized Launch

Our trip to Melbourne was fantastic!.
The Cupcake Bakery
We arrived a day before the launch, so we wandered through the streets of Melbourne, soaking up the atmosphere and culture. We found the Cupcake Bakery which had every kind of cupcake available. (yes, we brought samples home for our girls). We also noticed the council ran bike fleet where people can hire a bike for $2.50/day or $50/year. It's a great way to get around the streets of Melbourne especially if your a tourist and didn't bring your bike.

The Specialized Dealer launch was held at the newly completed HQ. The facility was warm and inviting and the staff were filled with passion for cycling and their products.Specialized is the No1 bike Company in the world for a reason, the passion starts at the top with founder,owner and president, Mike Sinyard which then filters down through to his staff. He employes the best in each field to produce the best products. To hear the product managers talk was inspiring to say the least, to be part of the Specialized family is amazing.
We the dealers got an in-depth presentation on all their bikes and what makes them different and better than the rest. My favorite presenter was Rachel, the women's products manager out from the US. She spoke about the entire women's range, a very extensive range from MTB, road, commuter/fitness to hybrid.
I'm excited, so drop into the shop for a chat, I love to hear from you and if you have any questions, answer them for you.
Yours in Cycling
The Era (women's XC Competitive)-ooh ahhhhhhhhhh

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